Succeed in school and beyond.
One positive relationship can transform a student’s life. That’s why we carefully select mentors to partner with each student, their family, and educators. Together, this team supports the student and builds independence.

Project Genesis is a Transition/Vocational Service Provider approved by the Connecticut Department of Education. We are funded by school districts to provide one-on-one services aligned with Individualized Education Plans (IEP).

We serve students diagnosed with:

  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Emotional Disabilities
  • Mental Illness

Frequently requested services include:

  • Vocational assessment and exploration
  • Daily living and social interaction skills
  • Functional academics, like budgeting
  • Accessing community resources
  • Behavioral support and positive skill development
We work throughout Connecticut, in both school and community settings, offering a comprehensive scope of services, including:

One-on-one in-school services for special education students, and reintegration services for special education students with behavioral difficulties returning to their public school.

Project Genesis’ education mentors can help enable success within a student’s own school by providing one-on-one academic and behavioral supports, including:

  • Curriculum modifications and tutoring

  • Development and implementation of behavioral support plans

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Transition to college for students still receiving supports from their high school.

Community-based transition supports for students entering adulthood, with an emphasis on employment readiness, independent living skills, and community engagement.

Employment ReadinessProject Genesis helps students explore their interests and develop the skills necessary to get and keep a job, including navigating the job search and application process, social and interviewing skills, timeliness and transportation, and work safety and policy compliance.

Independent LivingIn community settings, we help students develop important life skills such as cooking, cleaning, hygiene, health and nutrition, time and money management, organizational skills, communication and social skills, self-advocacy, and positive behavior strategies.

Community EngagementKnowing how to navigate one’s community is critical to becoming a full and contributing member of it. We help students learn to use public transportation, run errands like shopping and banking, access common services like the library and the doctor, find and enjoy recreational and volunteer activities, and explore housing options.

We also help students connect with adult service agencies such as the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS), Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) or Department of Developmental Services (DDS).


Project Genesis’ services and rates include student transportation. Our education mentors have specialized driving endorsements from the Department of Motor Vehicles and drive students within their community, including to and from school, as required for program services.

Our services are directed toward the all-important goal of teaching each student to become as independent as possible.

At our Annual Learning Fair, students create projects to showcase their talents, skills and dreams. It is a joyful demonstration of student empowerment and transformation—and a reminder that we can make a big difference, one person at a time.

  • “Project Genesis is a wonderful program. The Program Managers were professional, had a great working knowledge of my son’s disability and needs for support. Everyone who worked with him was really great – which says a lot for the program!”

    SESS Family Member
  • “Decisions were made collaboratively and outcomes were positive.”

    SESS Family Member
  • “We have said from the very beginning that our daughter is a success story waiting to happen. Thank you for hearing us. Thank you for your dedication. Thank you all for believing in her.”

    SESS Family Member
  • “I am proud of the work and dedication we at Project Genesis strive for every day. The desire to enrich and empower our consumers is a goal of commitment and teamwork that I am honored to be a part of.”

    Darlene Collelo
    SESS Mentor
  • “We find working with your organization, especially for those who do not fit traditional or non-traditional models of education to be excellent.”

    SESS Family Member
  • “I am so very impressed with the growth of one of my students through the work of Project Genesis staff! It has been great working with each and every person on your staff.”

    SESS Collaborator
  • “We appreciate not only your quality of services but also your responsiveness and flexibility to the needs of our students, their parents, and our district.”

    SESS Collaborator

    Kelly Sanders, SESS Program Director
    Direct Line: (860) 456-1698 ext. 32
    Fax: (860) 456-7417