Each year, Project Genesis serves more than 225 adults and students throughout Connecticut who have a range of disabilities. Our dedicated team tailors supports to meet each consumer’s unique needs and ambitions, empowering them to become more active, productive and valued citizens.
Acquired Brain Injury

Since 1999, Project Genesis has helped survivors of brain injury attain an independent and productive life, and connect with a vibrant support network.


Special Education Support Services

We offer a comprehensive range of in-school, academic, transitional, and community-based services that support special needs and build independence.


Adults with Disabilities Jobs Program

Working with employers throughout Connecticut, we help adults with disabilities train for, find, and keep a job in a broad range of industries and positions.


Hartford Courant Top Workplaces 2016
Hartford Courant Top Workplace 2015

If you want to develop the best in yourself and others, we want to hear more about you. Learn about our workplace culture, benefits, upcoming recruiting events, and current opportunities.


We are excited to be growing in the Plainfield region with a new program opening soon! This means we are in process of hiring new staff to join our awesome workforce! 
We are seeking out Living Skills Trainers and Companion staff that will work with someone who is really eager to get help and become more independent in their skills. 
Please spread the word to anyone interested in finding employment or looking for a career change. 
The following is the open positions:
🔅1 Full Time ILST from 7am to 3pm Sunday through Thursday
🔅1 Part Time ILST from 7am to 3pm Friday and Saturday
🔅1 Full Time Companion from 3pm to 11pm Sunday through Thursday
🔅1 Part Time Companion 3pm to 11pm Friday and Saturday
🔅1 Full Time Overnight 11pm to 7am Sunday through Thursday
🔅1 Part Time Overnight 11pm to 7am Friday and Saturday
🔅Per Diems for all positions
Apply on our website at: http://www.projectgenesis.us/employment/
Any questions please contact our recruiter, Lisa O’Neill at 860-456-1698 ext 40 or email her at: loneill@projectgenesis.us
If you are a parent or guardian who has a child in school that needs extra support to be successful then our Special Education Support Services is the perfect choice. We believe that one positive relationship can transform a student’s life. That’s why we carefully select mentors to partner with each student, their family, and educators. Together, this team supports the student and builds independence. Please click on our link to learn more: http://www.projectgenesis.us/services/sess/
”The veterans of our military services have put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms that we enjoy. They have dedicated their lives to their country and deserve to be recognized for their commitment. - Judd Gregg.
We couldnt agree more and we would like to say thank you to all the veterans and the ones who work for us for your service to our country.
After Project Genesis was incorporated in 1991, Virginia Kerensky continued to work hard to provide more services. 
In 1992 she was able to add Special Education Support Services (SESS) with Ellington Schools in the Fall. There is still only her and no benefits.
In 1993- Project Genesis now has 2 employees. Virginia and someone else. 95% of revenues are from BRS. We finally get medical benefits!
In 1994 - We now have 5 employees and nearly all services are still BRS funded.
& in 1995 - The agency gets its own phone number. Up until now we used Virginia’s home phone.
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Congrats to an amazing group of individuals

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Did you know that In 1991 Project Genesis was Incorporated? Yes, its true!. A contract with Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) was signed; Adults with Disabilities 1991 job services began in the Fall. Founder, Virginia Kerensky, is the only Project Genesis “employee.” The “office” is the dining room area of her 5 room, 1200 sq. ft. house. #wow #wehavecomesofar #PGtimeline


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What a great legacy to leave Virginia M. Kerensky! ❤

Loved working with you Ginny 🙂

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Today our very own SESS Program Manager, Adib Quazi is at the 2018 Autism Education and Awareness Forum - New England. It is from 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM at Waterbury Arts Magnet School. (16 S. Elm Street Waterbury, CT 06706) Please stop by and say hello and learn all about our special education support services.
Did you know that we were chosen by the Hartford Courant as one of the top work places??? 
Yes that means if you are looking for work or making a change in your career we are the place to apply. 
We are currently hiring for Companions, Living Skills Trainers, Job Coaches and Educational Mentor. To learn more information please go to our link at:  http://www.projectgenesis.us/employment/
Today is the last day of National Disability Employment Awareness Month. The theme this year has been “America’s Workforce: Empowering All” and we here at Project Genesis believe this more than ever by the work that we do helping and empowering adults with disabilities find and keep jobs. 
To learn more about our Adults with Disabilities Jobs Program please go to our link at: http://www.projectgenesis.us/services/adjp/
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