Each year, Project Genesis serves more than 225 adults and students throughout Connecticut who have a range of disabilities. Our dedicated team tailors supports to meet each consumer’s unique needs and ambitions, empowering them to become more active, productive and valued citizens.
Acquired Brain Injury

Since 1999, Project Genesis has helped survivors of brain injury attain an independent and productive life, and connect with a vibrant support network.


Special Education Support Services

We offer a comprehensive range of in-school, academic, transitional, and community-based services that support special needs and build independence.


Adults with Disabilities Jobs Program

Working with employers throughout Connecticut, we help adults with disabilities train for, find, and keep a job in a broad range of industries and positions.


Hartford Courant Top Workplaces 2016
Hartford Courant Top Workplace 2015

If you want to develop the best in yourself and others, we want to hear more about you. Learn about our workplace culture, benefits, upcoming recruiting events, and current opportunities.




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Really, a GREAT guy! Humble, generous, gracious and kind. Rock it out, on the beach, in California, Aaron!

It's tough saying goodbye to my work family. Thank you so much for everything. I'll miss you guys!

Thank you for all you did for me, I could not have done this without your help. Safe and happy travels

Congratulations on your new opportunity Aaron your shoes will be difficult to fill but if anybody can do it project genesis can do it.

Aaron, Best wishes for some exciting and rewarding new adventures. Thank you for lending your talents to PG these last years! You leave knowing that you've made a difference in the lives of some worthy people!

We will miss you Aaron! Best of luck to you & your family. Don’t forget us & more importantly don’t call us at 4am!! 😊

Aaron! I didn't know you were leaving!! Good luck in California. Hope you don't experience earthquakes or Fires. Wishing you well.

Aaron, you will be missed! You have proved to be a great supervisor and then Director. You have made a difference to many in our programs. Thank you for all you have done and taught us! Best wishes and success in your new position and beautiful location!! (Still jealous)! Lol

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Highlighting today: Trust 
”One of our strongest guiding principles is the belief that the relationships between our consumers, stakeholders, and each other are key elements to the development of productive services. When there is a relationship of trust, people are better able to strive and to achieve their best”. To learn more about who we are click on our link: http://www.projectgenesis.us/about-us/ 
#ProjectGenesisvalues #trustmatters
Here is a great photo of our ILST Staff, Hebert Djan and our Recruiter, Lisa O’Neill. Hebert works in the Greater Hartford region and has been a member of the Project Genesis team since March 2016. He has been a great resource not only for supporting our survivors but also as a great support gaining new employees with multiple referrals to our organization. Thank you Hebert for all that you do here at Project Genesis!


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Nice one there, bro link me up

Herbert please this is Ansomana from yamfo .Please i want ur contact

Great news keep it up.

Great job my friend

Well done my in-law

Congrats bro nice job well done one love.


Good one there, danzle

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From our Third Quarter Employee Newsletter the emphasis is on: Self-care. 
You cant always control the circumstances that life throws your way, but you can control how well you take care of yourself. When youre taking good care of your body and mind, you can be more resilient toward whatever comes, use the resources you have in your life to their fullest, and become less reactive toward the stress you face. 
Ways of self-care are: Getting Enough Sleep and Maintain Proper Nutrition. 
To read more please check out the third quarter newsletter now available.
If you are a parent or guardian who has a child in school that needs extra support to be successful then our Special Education Support Services is the perfect choice. We believe that one positive relationship can transform a student’s life. That’s why we carefully select mentors to partner with each student, their family, and educators. Together, this team supports the student and builds independence. Please click on our link to learn more: http://www.projectgenesis.us/services/sess/
We had a nice turn out for our Career Open House this past Friday. During the day there were two people specifically who came in to fill out applications because of our very own employees, Chris and Bambi who sent them. THANK YOU to you both for promoting Project Genesis as a place to work and sending us employee referrals. #spreadthewordPGistheplacetowork #ouremloyeesareourbestresource
This Friday 9/7 from 1pm-5pm is our Career Open House in Willimantic at 720 Main Street, Floor 3. We are currently hiring staff for Companions, Living Skills Trainers, Job Coaches and Educational Mentor. Please stop to learn all about who we are and to fill out an application for employment. For further details please check our website at:  http://www.projectgenesis.us/employment/
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. ~ Confucius
Wishing everyone a wonderful Labor Day!
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